Recently Petra sent us this: “Dear Keith, I received my clothesline today and I'm just thrilled with everything about it. I love the quality and even the paint color is perfect! I'm so happy to buy something practical like this and know it was made in America. I read of your quality controls and it just is staggering the amount of care that goes into a clothesline. I wish more companies made items with such care. My husband dug a hole and put the post in and filled it with soil and gravel and watered it in. It's very sturdy and I have wash drying now as I type.  .....  I don't like wasting solar power and I love the way fresh laundry smells right off the line. Thank you and everyone at Sunshine  clothesline for making a superior product!   P.S. I’m just very happy I did not buy the aluminum frame one I saw on Amazon. Not only is this bigger but it’s sturdier and made here. And to some of us, that’s very important. Take care, Petra”

Dan E. wrote and told us: Keith I just wanted you to know. How impressed I am with your product this is my second one my first one I bought over 30 years ago and I'm trying to refurbish that for my daughter you guys make a great product you should be proud.

We appreciate this testimonial from Seven P. in Aurora saying: Thank you for an excellent product. It took no time to install and has been working great. We'll recommend you guys to anyone who asks. I think you have a good product and I love the fact that parts are replaceable.

Wendy from Santa Fe tells us; "Thanks for the receipt. This will be my second clothesline from You folks. We LOVE our 9' Delux so much we decided to get one for our family vacation home.    Awesome product!"

Debbie F. from Independence Iowa said;  "Hi Keith Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how pleased we are with the deluxe clothesline. So glad we went that route. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your help in making our decision."

Rick from Tallahassee told us; Thank you for producing a quality product. My previous experience with a folding clothesline was one from a big box here in Tallahassee, FL. After a few years the lines were breaking and the plastic brackets where falling apart. Glad I purchased a new solar powered clothes dry from you. Will highly recommend this to all.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product.  I purchased the DL14 clothesline, now going into our fourth summer of use and I love it.  It has performed flawlessly.  I monitor my energy use closely and on average utilizing your great product saves me an average of $22 to $25 per month.  It more than paid for itself in the first year of use.  I could not recommend a product higher.  I don't often recommend products to anyone as for the most part we live in a throw away society and most products don't last or perform they way they are suppose to.  Yours definitely does and I never hesitate to tell anyone that is interested how great your product is.  Worth every penny you pay for it.  You can not go wrong in purchasing this clothesline.

  Jim S.

Buhl, Idaho

Received this 8/02/2019, 

I was so happy to find your website and hear about your company! ……… I can't say how good it feels to order something made in the USA by someone who clearly works hard to make a good product. That is so cool!  I just placed my order :-) 

Barb from MI

Hi, I just would like you to know that I love buy Sunshine Clothesline. I live in Minnesota and I purchased it last spring. This summer it has worked fantastic for me. Thank you so much for selling this product. Thanks again, K. B.

K. B.

We purchased a 9ft. Sunshine Cloths Dryer from you a few months ago. I have been absolutely amazed with this whole purchase. I ordered one day and it arrived less than 24 hrs later. Installation was incredibly easy. We can hang 3 washer loads at one time. And, to top it off. I've been watching our electric bill and we are saving over $25 per month from our bill by hanging out our cloths. Thank you sooooo much! And, right after I got it installed, a guy came to fix our electric dryer. I took him out to see the sunshine cloths dryer and he was so impressed, he told me later that he purchased one for his wife as well. Thanks so much for a great product.

Terry Grant

Each new generation finds the Sunshine Clotheslines and Dryers an excellent product to dry their family's clothes.

Our Sunshine Clothesline, the original umbrella style clothes line, has been selling to families in the USA for over 100 years, you can read more about our history in this website. We build two models of outdoor umbrella style clotheslines that are tough, easy to use and last for MANY YEARS!  They range in size from a large 14 foot diameter to a small 9 foot diameter. Also two models of Clothes Drying Racks, they are all MADE IN THE USA.

Thank You for YOUR interest. Keith Wilson


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