A young man hanging out clothes on a sunny day on his Sunshine Clothesline.
A young lady opening her Sunshine Clothesline getting it ready to use.
A woman hanging white clothes on her Sunshine Clothesline on a sunny day.
A drawing with dimensions for a Deluxe 14 foot Sunshine Clothesline.

DL14 - Deluxe 14FT Diameter, Sunshine Clothesline Dryer.

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Designed to Last For Years and Look Good!


The Sunshine Clothesline has rugged, yet attractive construction with these useful features:

  • 183' of usable line space. The rope is 3/16" diameter polyethylene, with UV resistance. It is hollow braided so it has more body to hang onto clothes and wick away moisture, another plus is you can easily wipe away accumulated dust and dirt.
  • A unique rope Tension Lever Assembly lifts and locks the Arms into place while putting proper tension on the ropes.
  • This LARGE clothesline can hold from 6 to 7 washer loads up to 4 king size sheets on the top ropes.
  • Rotates in the wind to allow sunshine to reach most surfaces of your clothing, which will dry clothes better, faster and actually the sun’s rays have a bleaching action which will kill bacteria.
  • The rotating motion also allows the breeze to pass by the clothing in many angles further enhancing the drying action.
  • Rotating the Sunshine Clothesline to bring the open spaces on it to you, is easier than carrying or dragging your laundry basket around.
  • The Sunshine Clothesline can be easily removed from Ground Socket for unrestricted lawn mowing and use of the yard area. The rust-free PVC Ground Socket comes with a cap keeping it from filling with water and debris when Dryer is removed.  
  • Also the Ground Socket assembly has heavy metal Wings, which allows you to install Sunshine Clothesline without concrete.
  • Four 7' Arms made from Southern Yellow Pine, straight grain wood, dipped in low VOC, water reducible, industrial Orange enamel paint.  
  • Steel galvanized Brace Arms made from 11/16” diameter X 19 gauge wall help hold up the Arms.
  • The Spider Assembly, at the base of the Arms, is made from 14 gauge galvanized steel and reinforced by a set of bolted stand offs, which give the assembly great strength and rigidity.
  • A two inch O.D. X 18 gauge wall, steel center, post ensures rigid support to prevent flexing and bending.
  • An aluminum Top Cap is machined to act as a bearing and support the rotating Arms.
  • Line height is adjustable WITHOUT using tools.
  • Arms fold up similar to an upside down umbrella, for storage.
  • Entire unit comes assembled and fits into a box 6.5" square X 89" long.
  • Shipped direct to you via FedEx or SpeeDee Delivery.
  • All the parts, including rope, are easily replaceable.
    Let the sun and fresh air dry your clothes for that clean, fresh smell and naturally brighter wash with our 
    Sunshine Clothesline.