We get phone calls, emails and letters similar to these responses often. It's this type of comment that is so encouraging to us and keeps us inspired to make the best clothesline and other products we can for you. I especially like the one at the bottom of this page, you might find it interesting also.    Keith Wilson

Just wanted you to know that I am one happy camper with my 9' clothesline! My other one died a few years ago...not yours but a very expensive one that did not last!  I can tell by the thought that went into your design? This will last many years. Kudos! The fact that it is made in Iowa? All the better! ............ I will be posting pictures on FaceBook to encourage sales for your great product. Will sing your praises on social media. The ease of installing the post/wings? Super. We didn't even have words...husband and I! LOL. Already put tea towels out for an overnight dew brightening! 

Thank you!!

Kim,  Iowa


"45 years of continuous use. Yes, I have replaced the arms and the rope and some bolts but the mechanisms have worked fine until lately as they bind on raising and lowering.

We won’t need 45 more years out of our new clothesline, so I may need to bequeath in my will.

Best to you,


Another well satisfied customer told us;    We purchased a 9 FT. Sunshine Cloths Dryer rom you a few months ago. I have been absolutely amazed at this whole purchase. I ordered one day it arrives less than 24 hrs later. Installation was incredibly easy. We can hang 3 washer loads at one time. And, top it off. I've been watching our electric bill and we are saving over $25 per month from our bill by hanging out our cloths. Thank you sooooo much!  And, right after I got it installed, a guy came to fix our electric dryer. I took him out to see the sunshine cloths dryer and he was so impressed, he told me later he purchased one for his wife as well. Thanks so much for a great product.                                                       T. Grant

We received these nice comments from Susan M.; Purchased the 14 foot clothesline and just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. Great workmanship. I have two full queen sheet sets, a bed skirt , some towels and have plenty of room left. Nothing is crowded together. So glad I found your website.

  Anthony told us this; I have the sunshine umbrella clothes dryer and have been using it for several years now and would like to tell you that it is a great clothes dryer and is well made. It has stood up to all seasons and still looks great. Nice job!


We really appreciate hearing from customers like this:  

Darla says; Thank you so much for a high quality product! I have been asking for a clothesline for many years, but my hubby wouldn't give up the yard space. The Sunshine Clothesline was a great way to overcome his fear of a traditional clothesline! I have plenty of line space for several loads of laundry and the process of setting up/taking down is easy. Thank you again for bringing fresh air and sunshine back to my laundry routine:)   Yes, you may use my comments:)    I forgot to add how nice it was to get a quality product that is made in the USA! 

Another nice letter;

Dear Keith & all you clothesline builders at Sunshine.

You all packed my 14 foot clothesline well. It arrived undamaged by the transporters. The fact that the clothesline was pre strung made my day. I followed your excellent instructions. Put the unground parts together, dug my hole to specifications and planted the clothesline in etc, etc. Now for the hardest part ( as a senior soon to be 74 year old woman) pushing that bottom part of the line up to the topmost part to lock in was a little tough but doable. So it is up and being used the next day and after. This is absolutely the best clothesline I have ever had. I love it. It is Strong and Sturdy. Not a whimpy inferior grade unit. I love the Reddish Orange color and it looks good in the back yard. I hung KING SHEETS which dried in about 12 minutes and of course the fresh smell once on the bed is hard to beat. One of my better investments and it does look like it will out last me. I am thinking of you guys when I use it. Been to lovely Iowa. My Husband born there and Sunshine Clothesline MADE IN AMERICA is the best part. I have already told some friends where they can get this product. Thank you very much. J.


Hi Keith and staff,   

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the Sunshine Clothes Pole I ordered this summer. What a pleasant surprise to receive something that exceeded expectations! It’s been a long time since I was this happy with a purchase. Proud that it was made here in the USA as well.

 Well thought out design, using replaceable parts and pieces made from sturdy stock. The in ground anchor is ingenious. Very easy to install. So nice to see something made with pride!

 You have renewed some faith that great things are still being made in this country!

 Thanks again,  Charles (upstate NY in the Adirondacks)

  Thanks Keith! People like you and your family, running a successful business, are the strength of our nation!  Looking forward to enjoying a better quality clothesline!  I like that …… if we're entertaining, I can remove it!   Kind Regards, Bob

Hi, we installed our clothesline yesterday. My wife loves everything about it. Its beautiful and works like a dream. With the Wyoming wind its fun also as it spins like a top. Thank you. Jon&Charla Skrobot

Hi, I just would like you to know that I love buy Sunshine Clothesline. I live in Minnesota and I purchased it last spring. This summer it has worked fantastic for me. Thank you so much for selling this product. Thanks again, K. B.

Barb from MI wrote 8/02/2019 and said,    I was so happy to find your website and hear about your company! ……… I can't say how good it feels to order something made in the USA by someone who clearly works hard to make a good product. That is so cool!  I just placed my order :-)

Keith,  I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your product.  I purchased the DL14 clothesline, now going into our fourth summer of use and I love it.  It has performed flawlessly.  I monitor my energy use closely and on average utilizing your great product saves me an average of $22 to $25 per month.  It more than paid for itself in the first year of use.  I could not recommend a product higher.  I don't often recommend products to anyone as for the most part we live in a throw away society and most products don't last or perform they way they are suppose to.  Yours definitely does and I never hesitate to tell anyone that is interested how great your product is.  Worth every penny you pay for it.  You can not go wrong in purchasing this clothesline.

 Jim Sickinger

Buhl, Idaho


A nice compliment from Lynda S;   Thank you, Keith!  I love my clothesline, which I bought from you many years ago - but last summer during some major septic system work, the "ground socket" was buried.  I appreciate that I am able just to replace the ground socket! I look forward to trying out the new drying rack also. 

Best,  Lynda S.  

Don from New York Wrote this; I put the clothes dryer up this weekend and the install couldn't have been easier. We love it. 8/15/2017

We appreciate this testimonial from Seven P. in Aurora saying: Thank you for an excellent product. It took no time to install and has been working great. We'll recommend you guys to anyone who asks. I think you have a good product and I love the fact that parts are replaceable.

Wendy from Santa Fe tells us; "Thanks for the receipt. This will be my second clothesline from You folks. We LOVE our 9' Delux so much we decided to get one for our family vacation home.    Awesome product!"

Dan E. wrote and told us: Keith I just wanted you to know. How impressed I am with your product this is my second one my first one I bought over 30 years ago and I'm trying to refurbish that for my daughter you guys make a great product you should be proud.

Debbie F. from Independence Iowa said;  "Hi Keith Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how pleased we are with the deluxe clothesline. So glad we went that route. Would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks for your help in making our decision."

Rick from Tallahassee told us; Thank you for producing a quality product. My previous experience with a folding clothesline was one from a big box here in Tallahassee, FL. After a few years the lines were breaking and the plastic brackets where falling apart. Glad I purchased a new solar powered clothes dry from you. Will highly recommend this to all.

We got an email from Joe saying: "We received your 13' economy dryer. We had it installed in less than an hour we had 25-30 mph breezes and it worked flawlessly I appreciate buying quality merchandise from US manufacturers. We will be spreading the word about your company and your products.  Amiably Joe Norwich, 

Georgia wrote us to say; I wanted to let you know that I am so pleased with my clothesline!  I have wanted one for a long time and finally made the purchase.  I love it and many people have commented on it!  It was so simple to install and I was using it within minutes!  Thank you for this Made In USA product --- keep up the good work!

Jan emailed this nice note; We have just purchased the 9 ft. Sunshine Clothesline and could not be more pleased. My husband and I assembled it and he prepared the hole for installation. We have been using it over the past few days and are very happy with this purchase. I will be telling my friends and family about this well-made product!  I do want to help other shoppers know this is a quality product they can order with confidence. Thank you for good value!

We got these encouraging words from Mrs. James in Massachusetts;

 We love our new 9-ft. Sunshine umbrella clothesline. It's durable, attractive, and has well-spaced lines. The painted Southern Yellow Pine Arms add a little class to our back yard. My husband's discerning eye is very impressed with how well it is built. Thank You!

Sally from Alabama wrote to tell us this.

I am in the middle of the 4th (or 5th?) year of using my Sunshine clothesline and I love it just as much today as I did when I first started using it! Before this one I had 5 of the flimsy lines from the "big box store" and had 2 of them fold over in a storm and one that wouldn't stay up. Needless to say, I haven't had any of those problems with my Sunshine Clothesline and I am one hap-hap-happy customer!! Thank you so much for a great product that I'm sure will last for many more years. Just thinking of all the $ I DON'T have to give the electric company makes me smile! The reason I found your company in the first place...made in the USA! I'm proud and pleased every time I buy a product made here at home. Plus, using the sun to dry my clothes is better for my clothes and the world.

Cindie W. was excited about getting her Sunshine Clothesline so she wrote and told us;

I received my umbrella clothesline yesterday and was so excited that we just had to put it up right the dark!  I have to tell you - the quality is AMAZING!!  I'm so happy with this product!  It was easy to assemble, ALL the pieces were there, (unlike some other products I have purchased), and its solid, heavy duty construction is very sturdy.  Best of all... It's made in Iowa!  I'm an Iowa girl, transplanted to Arkansas, so it makes me happy to know that this product was crafted with a solid work ethic and pride in their product.  Thank you so much!  I love it!!!

It's really nice to get compliments like this:  Love this clothes line.  Most excellent quality.  Just wanted to send you all a big thank you! Blessings, from Lynne at The Farmhouse in Westlake, Ohio.

Paula wanted to tell us this;  "I bought my sunshine dryer in 1980 when we moved into our house. We did not own a clothes dryer until 1990, so with two small children I used it summer and winter. It has been moved once and the arms and rope replaced three times. My family, friends, and neighbors used to ask, “Why don’t you use your dryer?” The reasons, besides the obvious lower energy use are1) my clothes last longer. 2) I like the way the clothes smell when you bring them inside. Sheets freeze dried in the winter smell like a little bit of heaven. When I bring them inside, they are still a bit damp and I drape them near a heat register and they perfume the entire house. 3) It helps me get my 10,000 steps in on the days I wash. Now my friends and neighbors are saying, “I wish I had the time to hang my clothes outside.” and someday they may invest in a good clothesline. Paula W."

Nice words from Jeanne P.

Thank you for your prompt emails and delivery. I have received and setup my clothesline and I just love it. It is sturdy, sets up and folds down easily, and spins smoothly. I am really happy!!

Thanks Jeanne!

Donna endorsed us with this; I wish to say I am pleased to have been able to find my Made in America Clothesline and then to find super service too!  In this part of the country they just make sense.  The actual hanging and removing the clothes gets one outside to enjoy the day too.  It's a win win in my opinion.  I am glad I can do it with an American Made product.

We receive another testimonial, this time from Marcia in Hendersonville, NC.she says:  "Put up my new Sunshine Clothesline today-LOVE IT! I had forgotten how good towels smell after drying in the sunshine. Thanks"

Cindy from Kensington, MD says: I just wanted to let you know that I love my new clothesline. It is sturdy, simple, and very well made. My neighbors think it's cool!


Linda Bowers from PA emailed to tell us;


This is a recommendation from Valerie in PA.

 "Sunshine Clothesline Company makes a sturdy dependable umbrella clothesline. I believe it is the toughest on the market today. The heavy gauge steel and hardware is exceptional as is their customer service! I originally bought the gargantuan 14' line, but exchanged it for the more manageable 9' version. Sunshine Clothesline CO. made the exchange without an issue even though the original purchase was though a distributor. As a garden designer I often recommend umbrella clotheslines as a preferable option to my clients, since they can easily be stored away when entertaining outside. The Sunshine umbrella lines have withstood heavy use and heavy winds for many clients, including those at NJ shore. I highly recommend this company and their products."

We got another testimonial saying: 

Hi,  I received the clothesline the other day. It's more than I expected. Very durable and high quality. So glad I made the purchase.

 Thanks again.

David Sorensen in CA,

Connie Brennan from Freeport sent us these nice words, Having read the testamonials, I see many happy customers, just like me.  I agree with all they say and with gusto, can tell you I bought my first sunshine dryer in about 1983 and have had one ever since, in three locations since.  I have taken it with and replaced once, I think.  Thank you for a well made product proudly "Made in America".

Another satisfied customer wrote to us; "Got our dryer inside a week, all set up, first loads done, we love it!" Greg from California.

We just received this from Diane in NY;

Received my Sunshine Dryer (small size) on Saturday.  My husband and I (in our mid-sixties) installed it Sunday with no problem.  It holds more than the two loads I did yesterday.  Very sturdy.  Love the green color because it blends with nature.  I live in a neighborhood where we are not supposed to have clotheslines.  I thought I would take my chances with yours because I can put it in the garage and cap the pipe when done for the day.  My neighbors have not said a word.  My guess is that they may do the same.  Nothing like fresh clothes hung outside.  I am so pleased with your sturdy and well-thought out product and proud to buy something made in the USA.

Janet from Virginia sent us this email after receiving her Sunshine Clothes Dryer.
"A few months ago I purchased the Sunshine. With ease my brother installed it today. As soon as he left, I washed and hung out two loads, and still have room for more, yet it isn't taking up any more space than my old one. You can see the quality of workmanship, it looks amazing, and after only one day I know I've struck gold...hurray for MADE IN USA Thank you G & G!   Janet"

We got this email from Robin Christy:
"I absolutely love this well built, sturdy clothes line.  We have HIGH winds here and this baby works great!  I am referring your product to others!!"

After receiving her new Sunshine Clothes Dryer Nikki, from Michigan, wrote this to us:  “I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my recent purchase of the Sunshine Dryer. It is everything the website says it is-durable, easy to assemble and install, and big enough to handle my king size sheets. It looks much nicer than a regular clothes line and I can easily reach all of the clothes because it spins. Delivery was prompt too! Thanks for making and selling an honest product-it's everything I wanted it to be.”

And Lisa says:
just wanted to let you know...I have had my outside dryer for 4-5 months now.....I love it...used my inside dryer only once this summer...great price, well made....Lisa

Jill from Chattanooga wrote this: 
I fondly remember both my mother and grandmother using their Sunshine clothes dryers when I was growing up in Iowa.  As a young married, I bought my own Sunshine, and for many years enjoyed the Zen of hanging out the wash, long before the rest of the world decided to 'go green'.  I have always regretted giving it away to a covetous neighbor before my family's move from Minneapolis to Tennessee seventeen years ago.  

Four years ago, we moved my mother from her house to a new condo in Iowa City.  Her Sunshine, 40+ years old with 'new' arms my dad had made sometime in the '70s, had been in very regular use but stayed with the house when it sold; yet another regret on my part. 
Last night I was reading my new issue of Mother Earth News and saw the Sunshine featured with reference to your website.  In that instant I decided I had gone long enough without my own Sunshine.  Please send it ASAP!

Linda from North Carolina is very happy with her Sunshine Clothes Dryer and wrote this letter to us.