Strong 2 inch x 18 FT galvanized steel flag pole in 3 sections for easy dismantling.

Sunshine Flag Pole 18 FT overall length

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All-steel construction, 18GA 2"O.D. steel pole, with flow-coat zinc galvanized finish.

  • Three sections for easy assembly, dismantling and transportation.
  • Pole is topped by a Plated steel dome cap. A cast aluminum, Gold colored Eagle or Ball are optional.
  • These Home/Business Poles include; Complete Hardware Kit Consisting of (PVC Ground Socket, Pulley W/Eyebolt and clinch nut, (2) Nylon Snaps, Rope (polyethylene, hollow braided,  1/4”, endless rope , Line Cleat & Screws & Plastic Cap for Ground Socket), Installation Instructions, and packaged in a Fiber Board Carton (3”x9”x79” - 24 lbs. ea.).
  • G&G uses an integrated tube through tube sleeve, a method we have used successfully for over 40 years. The pole sections use a 1.9" diameter thick wall sleeve pressed in and crimped at the end of the 2" diameter pole. The receiving end of the mating tube is machined to accept the 1.90” tube with a “snug fit”. The sleeve joint is actually stronger in bending resistance than the parent pole material. The sleeves provide a quick and tight assembly of the pole sections, providing one continuous rigid Flag Pole standard.
  • Using a rope halyard allows you to lower the flag to half-staff.
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