About G&G Industries' Clotheslines, Clothes Dryers and Flagpoles

We have thousands of satisfied customers ready to give testimonials to our products value and worthiness. Our G&G Sunshine Clothesline, the original umbrella style outdoor clothesline, has been selling to families across America for 100 years, patented in 1915 #1163639. The Sunshine Clothesline features rugged, yet attractive construction resulting in the strongest and most durable clothesline available. Our strong and easily dismantled Flag Poles have been beautifying homes, cemeteries and properties for decades. The Sunshine Flag Poles are made with the finest quality materials and made here in Parkersburg, IA. Located in our country's heartland gives us a central point to make faster and economical shipping. You can count on us for quality products and hometown service. 

This is our contact information;

G&G Industries Inc.
1101 HWY 14 South
Parkersburg IA 50665
319-346-2423 * www.sunshineclothesline.com


The above picture was drawn on a wood shingle, in 1976, by a talented and appreciative customer.