About G&G Industries' Clotheslines, Clothes Dryers and Flagpoles

At G & G Clothesline we manufacture an umbrella style clothesline and drying racks that are durable, fold up for storage, are assembled and fully roped. We also manufacture attractive and durable Flag Poles.  

Our Sunshine Clothesline was patented in 1915 and built ever since.

We currently manufacture and sell 3) models of Sunshine Clotheslines a Deluxe small, medium and large.  We also manufacture 2) Folding Drying Racks for indoor use. Since 1970 we have manufactured Sunshine Flag Poles. They range from 17.5 FT.  to 12.7 FT. above ground. We "build to order"  the Avenue of Flags pole (fixed snaps no rope) is used mostly for ceremonial decoration of lanes and cemeteries. Our customers proudly fly flags in front of buildings and in yards. Over the years we have upgraded the clotheslines and flag poles as new ideas and technology has improved. 

Our products are made in Parkersburg Iowa by people who are proud of the Sunshine Clotheslines and Flag Poles, because they know the customer will have many years of good use from them. Our five employees range in age, three of which are over social security retirement age, so when we refer to our workers as “Elderly Elves” you can understand why. I am very proud of the work ethic all of our people use when they build our products.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again;

 “The enjoyment of this business is selling to satisfied customers! If I had to contend with angry customers and many customer returns, that would take all of the fun out of manufacturing and selling our Sunshine Clotheslines and Flag Poles.”

The work ethic I mentioned earlier is why we have almost zero quality problems.

Our location in Parkersburg, Iowa, in the country's heartland, gives us a central point to make faster and economical shipping.

You can count on us for quality products and hometown service.

Keith Wilson

This is our contact information;

G&G Clothesline 1101 HWY 14 South Parkersburg IA 50665 319-346-2423


The above picture was drawn on a wood shingle, in 1976, by a talented and appreciative customer.


Proudly built in Parkersburg Iowa.

Inspired by "Keith's Hammering and Welding" circa 1972.