We are a “Solar Clothes Dryer Manufacturer”

The Sunshine Clothesline - Solar Dryer has been made for over 100 years.

They may not have known it back then, but that is what Joseph Clay (inventor) was manufacturing.

Clay probably didn’t use those terms back when he developed his Clothes Drier, however he knew very well what the sun’s powers could do and made good use of it. In case you’re wondering the “Sunshine Clothes Drier” (that is its original name) was invented by Joseph Clay of Cedar Falls Iowa in 1913 and patented in the USA in 1915 (patent #1,163,639) and been made continuously since and within 20 miles of its original location. The only exception to this is the war years when Clay’s business changed over manufacturing to help the war efforts.

A Sunshine Clothesline is a tried and true method for harnessing the power of the sun (and for that matter, the wind.)  No panels or turbines required. A Sunshine Clothesline (“Solar Clothes Dryer”) hung with towels and t-shirts is perhaps the easiest expression of solar energy. The sun acts directly on the clothes – no go-between needed to convert the rays into electricity to run a dryer, an appliance that accounts for an important part of the typical home's energy consumption.

It’s still possible for the average person to take advantage of solar energy without massive cash outlays for expensive equipment.  All it takes is the use of a Sunshine Clothesline.

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