Very Happy Customer Wrote To Us

Recently Petra sent us this:

“Dear Keith,
I received my clothesline today and I'm just thrilled with everything about it. I love the quality and even the paint color is perfect! I'm so happy to buy something practical like this and know it was made in America. I read of your quality controls and it just is staggering the amount of care that goes into a clothesline. I wish more companies made items with such care.
My husband dug a hole and put the post in and filled it with soil and gravel and watered it in. It's very sturdy and I have wash drying now as I type.
My question to you is could I purchase an extra part so in winter I can dry my clothes in my greenhouse? It's a 33'x 100' greenhouse so I have plenty of room. I would need the part that gets buried in the ground.
I don't like wasting solar power and I love the way fresh laundry smells right off the line.

Thank you and everyone at Sunshine Clothesline for making a superior product!

P.S. I’m just very happy I did not buy the aluminum frame one I saw on Amazon. Not only is this bigger but it’s sturdier and made here. And to some of us, that’s very important.

Take care,


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