Taking the slack out of the rope or how to tighten up Sunshine Clothesline ropes.

There are various methods to do this depending on the model you have. This method is for any model, you can shorten the rope. This will be somewhat tedious so take your time and have patience. Open the Sunshine Clothesline and use the lowest slot in the Latch Bracket.  Start on the top line, loosen and retighten the loops around the ends of the Arms as you remove the slack from each top section, pulling the excess rope along and down into the next row, keep doing this for all subsequent rows being sure to keep the rope taut at all times  not allowing the rope to back slide. On the lower rows there are no loops to undo. Eventually you will have all of the slack at the bottom of the rope, where the knot is tied and you can retie a stopper knot (see Blog Post “Stopper Knot”). 

Before you use the next method make sure there is slack equally spaced on ALL rows. Put the Latch Bracket in the next notch up (only go one notch at a time) push the Lift Lever down and lock it in place. If the Lift lever is overly difficult to push down and lock in place make sure there is enough slack in all rows. DO NOT FORCE THE LIFT LEVER DOWN you will damage some parts of the Latch bracket, if it doesn’t go down with moderate pressure (approximately 40 lbs. or less) adjust the rope so there is adequate slack in each row. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU ADJUST THE HEIGHT OF THE Sunshine Clothesline, this is for rope tensioning ONLY!     

A short term fix for loose top row ropes is to unlock the Latch Bracket and put one extra loop around the end of one or more Arms.  Again this is will only take the slack out of the top row and should be used for short term only.

I hope this helps you keep your Sunshine Clothesline in “Tip Top Shape”.

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