Stopper Knot and why does your Sunshine Clothesline need one?

Well because we want the rope to stay put and not come out of the hole it is threaded through. One of the ends of the rope is located at the top row. To keep tension on the rope we need to fix both ends of the rope. At the top end we thread the rope through the hole and tie what is called a “stopper knot” to keep it from pulling through. There is more than one version of the stopper knot, we use an “Ashley Stopper Knot” because it works well on the polyethylene hollow braid, rope we use for the Sunshine Clotheslines.  Because it is much too difficult to describe tying this knot, I have attached a picture of the sequences on how to tie this knot.  With a little practice you will be able to tie a “Ashley Stopper Knot”.

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