G&G Clothesline has developed and is offering the FDR - Folding Drying Racks

Folding Drying Racks, Keith Wilson President of G&G Industries Inc. says they have wanted to expand into making an indoor drying rack for some time and their Folding Drying Rack it is now available. The new clothes drying rack is well-constructed of Southern Yellow Pine wood, stainless steel fasteners, waterproof rubber covering or polyethylene mesh. This simple yet very effective construction should give these clothes drying racks a long life time. The skilled craftspeople at G&G Clothesline know the clothes drying industry well since they’ve been in the business for almost 50 years and their umbrella style Sunshine Clotheslines have been made for over 100 years.  The simple to use, yet very practical accordion folding design of the FDRs is still one of the most used clothes dryer racks in the country today. G&G Clothesline’s contribution to enhance the design is, to have covered the horizontal rungs with expandable Polyethylene mono-filament yarns for better air movement under the clothes while drying, this gives a tough surface, good aeration under the clothing and a great look. Their other model design enhancement is to cover the horizontal rungs with water repellent rubber for water proofing, which also grips the clothes for less slippage, added strength and durability.  The opened size of both units is 42” high x 29” wide x 14 ½” deep. The folded down size is 6” high x 29” wide x 20” deep. There are 13 rungs total, the 4 top rungs are horizontal to form a shelf for drying sweaters and other items you want to lay flat while drying, even though the 2 bottom rungs can’t be used for drying they add stability and strength to the clothes drying rack. All joints are fastened together with stainless steel screws; this is a stronger method of making joints then nails

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