A Rock Solid Act of Kindness.

It's not every day you get to experience a random act of kindness, goodness and patriotism. But this morning as I walked around the outside of the shop I had my turn. I noticed a small rock had been left near the side door. On one side of the rock was a well crafted painting of the United States flag on a pole with a blue sky and few white clouds in the background. We manufacture flagpoles in our shop, so the literal connection to this gift is apparent. However, I believe that this gift is meant as a reminder that kindness is an important component of patriotism and a strong unified country.

The painted rock gift was left anonymously, the only clue I could find was the words written on back “PBurg IA Rocks”. Maybe someone will call and claim it. Maybe it's meant to remain a mystery. Either way, I would like to thank the maker/giver. I really appreciate the gesture and the work that went into the painting and surprise delivery and I thank you whoever you are. 

We need more of this type of action to offset the bad news we so often hear and see. I've alerted the local newspaper and radio station and asked if they would share the good news. They seemed interested and even called me back to get more details. Perhaps a little something good will hit the wires in small town Iowa today. Thank you again for this act of kindness mystery artist.

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