Umbrella Sunshine Clothesline 5 FT diameter
Sunshine Clothesline Opened to 5 FT. Diameter
5 FT Diameter Sunshine Clothesline  beside a building

Deluxe 5 FT Diameter Sunshine Clothesline

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5 FOOT DIAMETER this is VERY small compared to our other Sunshine Clotheslines!

This is the SMALLEST size Sunshine Clothesline we have made to date. It measures approximately Five (5) feet across the top line from corner to corner when fully opened. It’s basic design and function is very similar to its bigger family members. Green is the standard color of the DS5. The 5 Ft Sunshine Clothesline has attractive looks and robust construction with these useful features: 

Our DS5 foot Sunshine Clothesline is built by us. We are a very small company of only a few people and we all truly care about building a long lasting and useful clothesline for you!


  • Our clothesline rotates freely in the wind to allow sunshine to reach most surfaces of your clothing, which will dry clothes better, faster and actually the sun’s rays have a bleaching action which will kill bacteria.
  • Also the turning motion of our Sunshine Clothesline, allows the breeze to pass by the clothing in many angles further enhancing the drying action.
  • Turning the Sunshine Clothesline to bring the open spaces to you is easier than carrying or dragging your laundry basket around.
  • A unique Lift Lever Assembly lifts and locks the Arms into place while putting proper tension on the ropes.
  • Removable lower Center Post, for easier storing and handling.
  • Foot Clamp adjusts easily without tools for easier clothesline height adjustment, a minimum of 8 inches should be left in the Ground Socket.
  • The standard color of the Arms is GREEN.
  • Steel Spider hub assembly is heavy gauge galvanized steel with a exterior use PVC bushing.
  • Arms are made from straight grain, Southern Yellow Pine and double flow coated with industrial Green enamel.  
  • One piece polyethylene rope, wipes clean of dirt and dust in a jiffy.
  • Steel galvanized Brace Arms made from 11/16” diameter X 19 gauge wall help hold up the Arms.
  • A 1 3/8 inch O.D. X 17 gauge wall X 6' long steel Center Post ensures vertical strength is built in.
  • Ground Socket assembly with a heavy metal Wings, allows you to install the Sunshine Clothesline without concrete.
  • The Deluxe 5 FT. Sunshine Clothesline can be easily removed from Ground Socket for unrestricted lawn mowing and use of the yard area. Rust-Free PVC Ground Socket comes with cap to keep the Socket from filling with water and debris when Clothesline is removed.
  • The DS5 Sunshine Clothesline holds a small amount of wet clothing.
  • Arms fold up, similar to an upside down umbrella, for storage.
  • Entire unit comes fully roped and mostly assembled, in a box 6.5" square X 36" long. Shipped direct to you via FedEx or Spee-Dee Delivery.
  • All parts, including rope, easily replaceable.

Please note this is a heavy duty umbrella style clothesline and if taken care of will give you many many years of good service.

Specifications/Comparison Chart - Sunshine  Clotheslines   3/30/2022
Specifications are subject to change DELUXE DELUXE DELUXE
  DS5 DS9 DL14
Overall diameter 5' 9' 14'
Line Spacing (Varies) 4" 8" 8-12"
Usable Rope Length 56' 97.5' 183'
Replacement Rope Length 63' 107' 195'
Top Rope Height Maximum. 60" 76" 83"
Top Rope Height Min. 52" 64" 71"
Top Rope Length (one section) 43" 76" 114"

(King-size sheets are 102" x 108") (Full/DBL beds are 54" x 75")

Bottom Rope Height Max. 47" 65" 65"
Bottom Rope Height Min. 29" 53" 53"
Number of Rope Llines 6 6 8
Weight 13.5 lbs. 23 lbs. 27.5
Carton Size  6 1/2" sq. by; 36" Lg. 60" Lg. 88" Lg.
Shipping Weight 17 28 lbs. 35 lbs.
Center Post Diameter 1.31" 2" 2"
Arm length(s) 30" 55.5" 84"
Medium Washer Loads 1 or 2 3 or 4 6 or 7
Warranty, limited 1 year 1 year 1 year

Weight Capacity "A whole bunch of heavy wet clothes! These clotheslines are tough."

Materials; Arms - Southern Yellow Pine (for over 50 years),

 Center Bushing made from Exterior PVC,                           

 The rope is made from Polyethylene with; 8-Strand, 8-Carrier, white,    filaments, with "HIGH UV" Inhibitors, is 3/16” diameter, hollow braid.

  All else is heavy gauge galvanized or plated steel, or stainless steel.

Return Policy If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase from G&G Industries Inc. return the undamaged product with proof of purchase receipt, within 90 days, be sure to save the carton in came in, and we will refund your money for the product only. You will be responsible for the shipping cost to you and back to us.