Sunshine Clotheslines

Coming soon to this website is the Sunshine Clothesline, made in Iowa, USA for over 100 years.

Proudly built in Parkersburg, Iowa USA

A sunny day and a cheerful Sunshine Clothesline owner hanging clothes on her 14 foot Sunshine Clothesline.  This fellow is enjoying a wonderful breezy and sunny day to hang the wash.

Our Sunshine Clothesline, the original umbrella style clothes line, has been selling to families in the USA for over 100 years. We build three models of outdoor umbrella style clotheslines that are tough, easy to use and last for MANY YEARS!  They range in size from a large 14 foot diameter to a small 9 foot diameter, they are MADE IN THE USA.

Deluxe 14FT - Deluxe 9FT - Economy 13FT

Thank You for YOUR interest. Keith Wilson


Both the DL14 FT and the DS9 FT Sunshine Clothesline shown folded up  vertically and ready for storage.