Sunshine Clotheslines the Original Umbrella Style Clothesline

The Sunshine Clothesline from G&G Clothesline is the most durable and efficient clothesline on the market, it is the traditional method of drying clothes. It is the original umbrella style clothesline, and has been selling for 100 years. It has the features to provide you with the durability you need and the convenience to fit your modern lifestyle. The robust construction assures a long and useful life. Our clothesline easily installs in your yard, this clothesline features wide spaced lines to let the optimum amount of Sunshine dry your clothes naturally with no expensive electricity or gas. It’s easily removable for storage, unrestricted yard use or mowing and because there is no concrete required for installation, it can be easily moved to different locations. The Sunshine Clothesline has easily adjustable height; this can be done without any tools. It is made from heavy galvanized steel construction. A one piece polyethylene rope resists weather and insects. The SSCL can hold several washer loads and large items on the top lines. To pull the Arms up the last few inches, secure them in place and keep the rope taught, an over center lever is used, this is on the deluxe models only. A Ground Socket that allows you to install Sunshine Clotheslines without concrete comes with it. Another quality feature is that the SSCL rotates in the wind to get the sun’s rays on more clothing area and hasten in dry time. With each order a Sunshine Clothesline will be shipped to your door – (shipping in the contiguous USA only). All parts, including rope, are easily replaceable. G&G Clothesline offers a one year limited warrantee. Let the sun dry your clothes naturally with the Sunshine Clothesline a household favorite since 1913.

     Deluxe 14 Ft.  -  Deluxe 9 Ft.