The Sunshine Flag Pole Descriptions    "Buy Flag Poles here"

Our Sunshine Flag Pole is the standard by which others are measured. It is made of 2” galvanized steel tubing with 3) 6 ft. sections a design that is “Time Tested” to prove its long lasting sturdiness. Internal extension tubes are press fit into lower tube and then staked to securely keep it in place. The upper half of the extension tube fits snuggly into the next section. It can be hand assembled no tools are needed, yet it is extremely durable. Installation is done by digging the mounting hole an extra foot deep and fill with gravel or sand in order to aid in drainage. Better drainage will help avoid frost heaving which may put your flag pole out of plumb. The Sunshine Flag Pole is comes with a rope halyard because this allows you to fly your flag at half-staff. Our Sunshine Flag Poles have been in yards and cemeteries for many decades, they are the choice of home owners, businesses and service organizations all over the Midwest.