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Clothes Drying Rack FDR29 Orange

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Sunshine Clotheslines “Clothes Drying Rack”
(Made in Iowa, USA)
Heavy Duty Construction
  • Made of strong USA grown wood. The Side Bars and Locking Bars are made from heavy duty Southern Yellow Pine the same wood we have used in our Outdoor Umbrella style clotheslines for over 50 years for its strength and longevity.
  • Folds down for easy storage. The opened size is 42” high x 29” wide x 14 ½” deep. The folded down size is 6” high x 29” wide x 20” deep. Wide spacing of rungs gives faster drying time with 23 feet of drying length.

  • Great for winter and rainy days. During warm weather it can also be used outdoors on your patio, porch or deck. Outdoor drying smells fresh and clean. You can dry everything from bed sheets to baby clothes.

  • The horizontal rungs are covered with expandable Polyethylene mono-filament yarns for better air movement under the clothes while drying, a tough surface and a great look.

  • All joints are fastened together with stainless steel screws; this is a stronger method of making joints then nails or pins. Also the stainless steel screws will never rust or corrode.

  • The 4 top rungs are horizontal to form a shelf for drying sweaters and other items you want to lay flat while drying. The 2 bottom rungs add stability and support.

  • Built by the same people who build the “time tested” Sunshine Clotheslines and you know they are good because they have been made for over 100 years.