Arm Material Change for Sunshine Clotheslines

Posted by Keith Wilson on

It became apparent to us in approximately 2012 that the supply of Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), which we have used for Sunshine Clothesline (Dryer) Arms for over 60 years, was being depleted. As a small user of SYP what we were getting was no longer old growth, had blemishes and weaknesses so much so, that we were getting a tested scrap rate much higher than we could accept.  As much as we would rather have stayed with this SYP, we had to change. In 2017 after 5 years of looking for a suitable replacement material for the Arms, we chose possible materials for further testing.  Throughout this year we have tested many materials. We have decided on using wood again for its light weight, flexibility, durability, strength and affordability. The species we have settled on is Radiata pine, which comes from plantations which grow the wood specifically for its renewability and usefulness in manufacturing.  Another plus for Radiata Pine is that it accepts paint very well. From now on the Sunshine Clotheslines will be built with Arms made from Radiata Pine.



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